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What’s your preference? Los Fuckin' Angeles or Los Freakin' Angeles?

The Los Fuckin' Angeles vibes and the California laid-back lifestyle made it an obvious choice to Los Angeles into the Daniel Jonas snapback hat brand. It all started with Daniel Jonas’ attendance during the festivities around the 86th movie awards. The inspiration came from countless discussion in Los Fucking Angeles with actors, artists or filmmakers about what makes Los Freakin’ Angeles special in order to implement this into the Daniel Jonas label.  

The Los Fuckin' Angeles and Los Freakin' Angeles collection is created to capture exactly what L.A. is all about. California literally has it all to offer and the Daniel Jonas Label wanted to create a snapback hat that gave that to you too. No matter if you are an Angel or a Dodger, a Clipper or a Laker, a King or a Duck or root for UCLA or USC. Whether you want to enjoy the eternal blue sky, catch some waves and play in the sun, Los Fuckin’ Angeles and Los Freak’ Angeles is made for you.

Get the Los Fuckin' Angeles and Los Freakin' Angeles edition in stores now and show some L.A. love.